We bring you Custom Luxury menswear
without breaking the bank


Impeccable appearance achieved with collars and cuff top fused. All this to give the customer additional comfort, fullness and sartorial elegance.

SPI french seems

finley crafted french seems-up to an amazing 23 stitches per inch-are pucker free and practically invisible narrow hem eliminate bulk and stiffness.

Soft comfortable fusings

Extra soft interlining in cuffs,collars and planket adds body without compromising comfort.

Button Wrapping

Wrapped thread button shanks allow the shirts layers to overlap without pulling,and make unbuttoning easy.


Extended gauntlet placket allows cuffs to open completely, and get pressed pristinely. Cuffs attached with an impressive broad stitching line, precise pattern matching for outer and inner side of cuf


Our exclusive engineered gusset reinforcing the hem`s front and back corners, a hallmark of a high end shirt.

Pattern Matching

Perfect 6 areas of pattern matching with balanced checked and stripes to give the appearance of a single piece of unsewn fabric.

Button Holes

Rare 120 stiches button holes are extremely neat and incredibly strong and fray-proof through year of wear.