About Us

Pezalli brings to asia, what gave london's Saville Row and Jermyn Street their impeccable sophistication: cutting a shirt to a man's exact measurements and perfecting it through several fittings. The company is among the rare few whose bespoke service includes expert style consultations by an image consultant, advising the choice of design details, fabrics and colours that best suit each individual's physique, skin tone and life stylebbbbb


Pezalli caters to the upper echelon of men in corporate and business, to offer them every aesthetic preference: from the tradition-minded man who wears a subtle but luxurious classic shirt with his suits as well as the adventurous man who loves to experiment with design, colour and pattern.

Anupama discovered her passion for bespoke menswear when she started-off as a distributor of bespoke and made-to-measure Shirts in Singapore way back in 2009, thereafter spending three years researching machinery and materials for optimum quality and performance.

She refined her tailoring and pattern-making skills from Lasalle College of Fine arts, Singapore, and Savile Row Academy, London, and co-founded Pezalli and set up Pezalli Creations Pvt. Ltd., the manufacturing unit in India, with state-of-the-art German machines & industry-leading technology.

After noticing strong demand by her bespoke clients for style advice, Anu set out to her obtain style coach certification from the prestigious Style Coaching Institute of London as an Image consultant, specializing in Color Analysis and Body Shape and personality analysis.

She set up her studio in delhi and retail by offering home shopping bespoke tailoring service across 8 cities in India and serving who’s who of India’s corporate scenery.

In 2016 she went on to establish IMTA (Indian Master Tailors’ Association) with an objective in line with Prime Minister MODI’s vision of ‘Make in India’ to raise the standards of bespoke tailoring in the country. She invited Prof Andrew Ramroop to India to take up a savile row academy pattern drafting in India, which got her interviews in the BBC (http://businessworld.in/article/Bespoke-Art-Form-Blossoms-In-India-With-IMTA-Savile-Row-Collaboration/20-06-2016-99399/)  and business world (http://businessworld.in/article/What-Bespoke-Tailoring-Can-Do-Ready-to-wear-Cannot-Anupama-Sachdeva/27-06-2016-99702/). With close to a hundred of India’s top most tailoring names on board, IMTA, under Anupama’s chairmanship, is enroute to becoming an apex body to represent bespoke tailors in the country, paving the pathway to giving artisans from tailoring industry a massive boost in skills development and employment opportunities.

She has also part of the board of directors of Raymond's tailoring and jury members for NIFT Raiberli. She has authored several publications n articles on styling including the askmen, business world( dressing up the CEO) GQ, & millioanrie Asia( modern millionaire).

At PEZALLI, we are always looking for people who want to develop themselves both professionally and personally. Our offices have a fast-paced, dynamic spirit, with a culture that encourages entrepreneurialism and diversity. We believe that this helps our employees achieve their potential, and increases the success of the brand.

If you're interested in working in our Finance, Marketing, Design, Sales, HR, IT or Operations departments, please search our listings for opportunities, or send us an open application.